12/6/2013 Round Table at Downey

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12/6/2013 Round Table at Downey

Thank you for coming to our first round table at Downey.  Here is a summary from the Downey roundtable.

1.  Goal for your school district on implementing ALD:

  • Build ALD proficiency through CCSS & ELD standards.
  • Academic language for all students support from Dr. Soto & constructing meaning along with EL –Achieve.
  • Provide access for students to various type of literature/informational text in order to express their learning orally & in written form at a level that meets mastery of the standard.
  • ALD needs to be a part of all content areas.  Addressed in all classes and all levels.

2.  What steps do you think are necessary to properly implement ALD into your school district:

  • Training, Curriculum, and focus.
  • Strategies are currently in place.  Next Steps will be to look at ELD standards to see the rigor and how to support language development. 
  • Continuous professional learning for all state holders.  Provide evidence of a learning continuum on demonstrating their progress.  Actively monitoring classroom instruction and providing feedback.
  • Need more resources in regards to professional learning opportunities but most importantly monitoring & feedback.

3.  What are your top two challenges at this moment?

  • Teacher knowledge base w/ALD and diverse population.  Resources for implementation.
  • Teacher training.
  • Consistency.  Time for preparing.
  • Monitoring.  Principals need support with classroom walk through. 
  • Monitoring the implementation across the district with meaningful feedback.

4.  One lesson you can share on implement ALD:

  • Think-Pair-Share.
  • Incorporating a language objective with appropriate scaffolds, focusing on a specific function, embedding instructional routines.

Resources to share: 

Academic Conversations.  by Zwiers.

The Literacy Gaps:  by Ivannia Soto.

Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Teaching and Learning:  by Sharroky Hollie.

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12/6/13 Round Table

Thank you for the invitation to the roundtable. The opportunity to bring the Standard English Learner perspective helps to broaden the discussion around language learning and it's relationship to culture, social context, and empowerment.

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12/6/13 Round Table

Thank you for the invitation CALD. I enjoyed bringing the critical conversation around Standard English Learners to the table. This conversation broadens the perspective around language learning  for students in California. I enjoyed sharing my unique experience with Standard English Learners and look forward to future roundtables.